Bob Brown’s legal counsel and expertise have not only provided our organization with quality legal documentation, he has also saved our faith communities from countless heartaches and troubles by reducing legal challenges up front and helping us navigate such challenges when they come. I am so grateful that such a brilliant attorney has invested so much time to understand the non-profit and church world. And I am even more grateful for his passion and personal investment in the success of our mission.
Dr. Paul D. Sorensen
Phoenix, Arizona


Having been in ministry over 45 years, I have found myself lost and confused at times when it comes to the complexities of our relationship with the government. The Apostle Paul makes it clear in Romans 13 we are to be in submission to the “governing authorities” over us, but how do we do this when there can be such ambiguities? This is where the work of Bob Brown has brought wisdom to our table and permitted us to do the right thing in honoring our Heavenly Father.
Darryl L. DelHousaye, D.Min
Professor, Pastoral Ministry
Phoenix Seminary
Phoenix, Arizona

Our church has been very blessed. We appeared to be in a good position financially and had no debt. The Board of Deacons was concerned that we were in a vulnerable position for an unjust claim and was considering ways to minimize our exposure. One of our board members was able to attend a class put on by Gallagher & Kennedy attorneys about a corporate structure that focused on stewardship, while at the same time offering protection of our assets and protection from an unjust claim. As the board continued to learn more about the new corporate structure, we ultimately brought [the structure] to our congregation [which] voted unanimously to move forward. With electronic communication, the distance between Minnesota and Arizona was not a barrier at all. Mr. Brown helped us every step of the way and was always timely in responding to any question we had.
garygreerGary Greer
Board of Deacons
Willmar Assembly of God
Willmar, Minnesota

Bob Brown has served as the attorney for Along Side Ministries for at least the last 6 years, if not more. He has been a tremendous asset to our organization, especially in helping us create and maintain the corporate shield we need for our kind of work. We have called upon Bob regularly for advice of many kinds, and he has always been very objective and helpful to assist us and lead us down the right path.
Collis P. Huntington III 
Founder & Executive Director
Along Side Ministries
Phoenix, Arizona


We really appreciate the work you’ve done for us at Glendale Christian Church.  It gives us peace in knowing that we’ve done the right kind of protective steps to ensure the preservation of our church in such tumultuous times as we’re living in.
Brian Reed
Senior Pastor
Glendale Christian Church

It has been my pleasure to work with Robert Brown over the years of our relationship. The ministry of which I am the leader has been the recipient of Bob’s wisdom in legal matters for our organization and his kindness toward us in his generous help. Bob is a professional at his job as an attorney but has been able to present himself in a manner that we feel he is a backer and friend of our organization. We are glad to have Bob as a partner and friend of our ministry.
Pastor Steve Harris

Over the last six years Bob Brown has assisted Teen Challenge of Arizona with excellent and professional legal counsel. Attorney Brown has always cared about our issues and has been a trusted friend to our faith-based organization.
Rev. Snow Peabody
Executive State Director
Teen Challenge of Arizona, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona

 I’m pleased to recommend the legal services of Robert Erven Brown and his team. Bob helped me set up my nonprofit, Nothing But Grace, a single member LLC, LifePoint Church in San Tan being the single member. For me, this was a simple and creative solution to what are often complex elements of non-profit organizational structure. I couldn’t be more pleased with Bob’s professionalism and his personal passion for helping people in ministry.
Dr. Gary Kinnaman
Nothing But Grace, LLC
San Tan, Arizona

Phoenix First Assembly of God church (being led by Senior Pastor Tommy Barnett and Lead Pastor Luke Barnett) is the third largest A.G. Church in the nation with 300 ministries, thousands of volunteers, a hundred employees and a world famous annual Pastor School.

We are very pleased to be able to announce that Bob and his staff at Gallagher & Kennedy are our “go to” law firm in every situation. Under their guidance we have developed:

  • Campus Preservation Planing™ of multiple corporations
  • Purchased and built buildings
  • Negotiated a favorable long term loan
  • Developed complex lease agreements for our Dream Center and at the main campus
  • Helped develop our HR protocols for employees and volunteers
  • Assisted us in developing press release statements for potential sensitive situations should anything arise unexpectedly.

There are a myriad of other important issues they have handled for us. They are accessible, quick to respond and knowledgeable.
Gary Allison
Business Manager
Phoenix First Assembly
Phoenix, Arizona

It is always a pleasure to recommend those who are truly professionals – Bob’s integrity along with his knowledge enabled us to purchase our current property with good CCR’s that are still working for our benefit today. And our relationship continues as we work on the reorganization of our ministry to enable better stewardship. Bob’s help is much appreciated!
Walter L. Baines
Business Manager
Tri-City Baptist Church
Tempe, Arizona

We had to satisfy some legal requirement, but we also wanted to honor God and be biblical. So, it was very important to us to find legal counsel that would help us do both. We found that with Bob Brown, the practice group head of Religious Institutions & Nonprofits at Gallagher & Kennedy. We were greatly benefited by his services, and it was comforting to know we had counsel that shared our values.

Christian Sanich

Stone Creek Church
Phoenix, Arizona